Greater Than Sign – Symbol, Meaning, and Examples

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Greater than Sign

In the realm of mathematics and comparisons, the symbol of greater than, denoted as “>”, plays a crucial role in indicating the relationship between two values. Understanding how to use this symbol and its distinction from the greater than or equal to along with the less than symbol is essential for various mathematical and real-life applications.

Analogy of Definition

What is the Greater Than Sign?

The greater than symbol, “>”, is used to represent a comparison between two values, indicating that the first value is larger than the second value. It is an essential component in mathematical expressions, equations, and inequalities, signifying the relationship of magnitude between the given quantities.


How to Use the Greater Than Symbol

When using the greater than symbol, it is important to place the larger value on the left side of the symbol and the smaller value on the right side. For example, when comparing 5 and 3, the expression would be written as 5 > 3, indicating that 5 is greater than 3.

Difference Between Greater Than and Greater Than or Equal To

Difference between greater than and greater than or equal to


Example 1: Comparing 5 and 4

5 > 4

In this comparison, the greater than symbol signifies that 5, which is in the left, is larger than 4.

Greater than Example.


Tips and Tricks

1. Think Big

Tip: Imagine the greater than sign as an alligator’s mouth that always wants to eat the bigger number. When you see the greater than sign (>), remember it’s like an alligator always looking for the bigger number to chomp on!

Greater than Alligator
2. Read Carefully

Tip: When interpreting the greater than sign, remember that it points towards the larger quantity. For example, in the expression 8 > 5, read it as “8 is greater than 5.”

3. Visualize Comparisons

Tip: Picture the greater than sign as an open mouth, ready to gobble up the larger number. This mental image can help you remember its directionality.

4. Apply in Number Lines

Tip: On a number line, numbers to the right of a point are greater than the point itself. Similarly, on a number line, the arrow points to the right, indicating the direction of greater values.

5. Understand Real-World Comparisons

Tip: Relate the greater than sign to real-world scenarios, such as comparing temperatures, ages, distances, or quantities of items. For instance, if you have 5 apples and your friend has 3, you can say “I have more apples than my friend” using the greater than sign.



Real life application

Story: “The Math Olympiad Challenge with Greater Than”
The Math Olympiad Challenge was an annual event that brought together students from various schools to compete in mathematical competitions. The concept of the greater than symbol played a significant role in the challenges presented to the participants.

Challenge 1: The Speed Race
In one of the challenges, the participants were tasked with comparing the speeds of different vehicles. They had to use the greater than symbol to accurately represent the relationship between the speeds and determine the fastest vehicle in each scenario.

Challenge 2: The Temperature Analysis
Another challenge involved analyzing temperature data from different cities. The students were required to use the greater than symbol to compare the temperatures and identify the cities with the highest and lowest temperatures.

Challenge 3: The Test Scores Competition
The final challenge focused on evaluating test scores of students. The participants had to utilize the greater than symbol to compare the scores and determine the highest achievers in each category.


The greater than symbol is used to compare values in mathematical equations, indicating that the value on the left side of the symbol is larger than the value on the right side.
The greater than symbol strictly denotes that the first value is larger than the second value, while the greater than or equal to symbol includes the possibility of equality between the compared values.
Yes, the greater than symbol can be used to compare non-numeric values, such as variables, expressions, and algebraic terms, based on their magnitudes.
If a number is greater than another number, it indicates that the first number has a larger value or quantity compared to the second number. For instance, if we have the expression 10 > 6, it means that 10 is larger than 6.
Sure! Let’s consider a scenario where we compare the temperatures of two cities. If the temperature in City A is 32°C and the temperature in City B is 25°C, we can express this comparison as 32°C > 25°C. This means that the temperature in City A is greater than the temperature in City B.

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