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Our Educational Contents

ChimpVine Gift Subscription Christmas Discount Offer

Online Math and English Educational Games, Interactive Digital Books, and Quizzes for Kids
3-to-12-Year-Old Children, i.e., Level-0 to Level-6

This Christmas, embark on a thrilling online learning adventure with a ChimpVine gift subscription; the ultimate online educational games and interactive content library, including digital books and quizzes, combine Maths and English learning skills for preschoolers to primary or elementary students. This interactive, free educational content is the perfect Christmas gift for kindergarten to elementary school kids, all available without downloads. However, there are sample downloadable educational game apps available for free.

Online eLearning

ChimpVine uniquely integrates essential math concepts with foundational English skills using educational eLearning quiz games. As children navigate through educational games, books, and quizzes in Mathematics, they also encounter word games and language games, books, and quizzes in English, i.e., interactive activities, making it perfect for kids’ online education.

Interactive and Engaging Digital Books and Quizzes

Designed for learners in Level-0 to Level-6 on an exciting journey through various online learning educational challenges. Our friendly educational game characters lead kids through Math mysteries and English enigmas, turning each educational learning challenge into a captivating online adventure.

Easy and Instant Online Access

With no downloads required, ChimpVine is readily accessible online. Any device with internet access becomes a portal to online learning and educational fun.

Safe and Child-Friendly

We ensure a secure online environment for children. ChimpVine prioritizes safety and privacy, offering parents peace of mind while their kids explore and learn.

Interactive Learning Paths

ChimpVine’s interactive books and quizzes customize the educational content to suit each child’s learning speed and level in both math and English. Whether a child is just starting to learn numbers and letters or is already confident in basic arithmetic and reading, our games adjust to their evolving needs.

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Give your child the joy of mastering Math and English in an interactive, fun-filled, educational way.